Collet chuck maintenance and cleaning is needed retain your machine's ability to provide optimal milling results.

The collet chuck should be cleaned and maintained, approximately once per week (for heavy users, every 20 hours of actual milling)

How to Perform Collet Chuck Maintenance

Please Note:  

-If you clean the collet chuck with compressed air or ultrasound, the spindle bearings could get damaged.

-Clean the collet chuck only with the appropriate service set.

Spindle service set

  1. Cleaning brush
  2. Knurled nut
  3. Tube of collet chuck grease
  4. Cleaning cone

1. Have the spindle service set ready.

2.  Have the measuring pin or tool ready

3.  Ensure DentalCAM is connected to the machine and close the milling chamber door

4.  Click on the "Release Tool" button    

5.  Open the working chamber door.

6.  Unscrew the collet chuck by putting the knurled nut on the spindle with one hand. With the other hand insert the measuring pin into the collet chuck and keep holding it.

7.  Loosen the collet chuck with the knurled nut. Unscrew the collet chuck with your hand or with the knurled nut.
8.  Remove the measuring pin from the collet chuck. Then put it aside within reach together with the knurled nut.
9.  Clean the inner cone of the spindle with the cleaning cone of the service set.

10.  Clean the collet chuck with the brush of the service set.  Be sure to rid the collet chuck of any debris, dust, or particles.

11.  Put a small amount of the collet grease on the index finger and smear it with the thumb.
12.  Apply the smeared collet grease to the flanks of the collet chuck (blue area - see below).

Please note:  

Damaging of the spindle when using the wrong grease or applying the grease in a wrong way

If you use unsuitable grease or if grease gets into the longitudinal slots of the collet chuck (red areas - see below), the machine may get damaged.

  • Ensure that no grease gets into the longitudinal slots of the collet chuck (red areas - see below).
  • Only use a very small, about pinhead-size amount of the grease (the provided tube of grease should suffice for many years).
  • Only use the provided grease of the service set.

13.  Insert the measuring pin into the collet chuck with one hand and keep holding it. Insert the collet chuck into the inner cone of the spindle, slip the knurled nut over the measuring pin and tighten the collet chuck back into place

14. Tighten the collet chuck with the knurled nut as much as possible, so that the collet chuck is held tightly in place. 

Note:  Rotational imperfections can occur during operation which will worsen your processing results if the collet chuck is not properly tightened

Remove the measuring pin from the collet chuck and store it together with the other components of the spindle service set.

You may use a normal tool to tighten the collet chuck after insertion, but please be careful to not cut yourself on the tools sharp edges.  Also ensure you insert the shaft end of the tool (shorter end) into the collet chuck when re-tightening the collet chuck, rather than the cutting end (longer end)