Error Message:  Runtime Error 63: Bad record number

Effected Products:  DentalCAM 6

Possible Cause:  STL has been saved in an ASCII format, rather than a binary format.

How to verify if an STL has been saved in binary format:

1.  Within Windows, navigate to the STL file:   


2.  Right click on the STL file and select "Open with"

3.  Select a text editor (e.g. Notepad, Wordpad, etc.)

4.  If the file appears like "code" or "hieroglyphics", then it is indeed binary format.  If it appears as a text document (ledgible text), then it's ASCII

If you have an ASCII based STL file, you'll need to convert this file from ASCII to binary.  The easiest way, if possible, is to re-export this file from your CAD program, but in binary format.